Food Grade Bulk Bag / FIBC

What Are Food Grade Bags?

A food-grade FIBC, or bulk bag, is a flexible container specifically approved for storing and transporting food products.

Since food products are items that people eat, these bags must be constructed in a hygienic environment with non-toxic materials and are manufactured in such a way that they avoid any outside contamination during storage or transport.

The raw material and all the components used in the manufacturing of our food-grade bulk bags are compliant for use in food-contact applications and are produced with virgin PP, PE, UVI, and are not produced with any known chemicals.

Manohar  International can provide the delivery flexibility and performance that your business requires to meet the demands of the Food Industry.


Product Description
White or as customer’s request
Rectangle or as customer’s request
105*105*110cm or as customer’s request
Breathable or as customer’s request
100% PP or as customer’s request
Customer’s request
2.5kg up to as per requirement