Type C Bulk Bag / FIBC

Type C FIBCs – which are also known as ground-able FIBCs or conductive FIBCs – were originally made from entirely conductive materials. Now, however, they use a conductive surface or network to conduct any growing static charge and move it from the bag to the ground.


These bags have several important characteristics, including:

  • Made of a non-conductive polypropylene fabric
  • Conductive threads are usually sewn in a grid pattern throughout the fabric
  • Conductive threads connect the bag to the ground through a grounding point
  • Threads are interconnected throughout the bulk bag by sewing several panels of fabric together


Type C Bulk Bags and Safety

Type C FIBCs have been used for years, and they are generally safe – if the user is following every guideline. In other words:

  • These bags provide safe and effective static protection if, and only if, they do not have any flaws in the manufacturing and are properly grounded.
  • All of the conductive elements in Type C FIBCs have to be interconnected with the grounding tab – which must be grounded when it’s filled or emptied – in order to ensure safe usage.
  • The connection to the ground is essential when using these bulk bags.