List of Medical Nonwoven Disposable Products and their uses

Disposable items are products that are for temporary use, and it is used and thrown once it is thoroughly utilized. These products are simple to use and do not require storage issues and maintenance. It is used and thrown and also free from the sterilization process. Disposable products in the medical field have become of utmost importance to avoid spreading unwanted viruses. 


Therefore, a medical establishment must have disposable products that ensure their safety and security, and patients can have a better cure in such medical establishments. So, what are these medical nonwoven disposable products and their uses? 


List of Medical Nonwoven Disposable Products and their uses


Disposable Medical Gown: Medical gowns are essential while using surgical operations. It is crucial and worn by health care personnel while performing critical surgical operations. These gowns ensure no contamination by viruses; therefore, the medical gowns are essential in medical establishments. There are also non-surgical gowns that are also worn in less harmful situations. So, this is one of the nonwoven disposable products. 


Disposable Surgical Non-Woven Mop Cap: Mop caps are commonly used in medical establishments to prevent hair fall in critical surgical operations. These nonwoven mop caps ensure hygiene protection in critical situations. The nonwoven product is secured and can be used for other household purposes. 


Non-woven Disposable Apron: Disposable Aprons are required to prevent the contamination of unwanted viruses. Therefore, medical care personnel uses these disposable aprons, which they can use while practicing their medical check-up and throw after one usage. Such aprons can have other uses apart from medical use, but medical experts require such aprons to keep patients safe and protect against contamination or infections. 


Nonwoven Shoe Cover: Disposable Shoe covers are used to protect spreading of bacteria and viruses from a person’s shoes. Therefore, it is essential to use these shoes cover while performing medical service. 


Disposable Medical Lab Coats: Medical Lab coats help save the contamination of viruses. These coats are made for multipurpose usage, and medical experts can use these coats while performing some important tasks with patients. This ensures that there is no contamination of viruses and that the medical experts are safe from these viruses. So, disposable coats are essential for these medical establishments. 


Nonwoven Bed Sheets: Bed Sheets must be different for various patients. As patients carry various medical issues and these issues differ from person to person, the same and reusable bed sheets make them vulnerable to the attack of viruses. Therefore, there are nonwoven bed sheets that make them comfortable, and they are disposable once used for one patient. 


Thus, these are certain nonwoven disposable medical products used in medical establishments. These disposable items are essential for maintaining medical hygiene and curtailing the spread of diseases. 


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