Types of Non-woven Fabric for Medical Uses

Nowadays there is a huge demand for non-woven fabrics, especially in the production of various items in healthcare and sanitary products. Moreover, due to increased concern over healthcare provisions, infections acquired in hospitals, and the high rate of surgeries, non-woven fabrics are more preferred in the European market today. Now, let’s see in detail the types of non-woven fabrics used in the medical field.


Fibers used in Medical non-woven fabrics:

Medical non-woven clothes are made up of unique fibers that are bonded by thermal, mechanical, or heat treatments. Certain properties of the fabrics like breathability, abrasion resistance protection against air-borne particles, optimal fluid absorbency, and disposal ability are considered while selecting material for production.


The commonly used materials are:


  •     Natural cotton
  •     Polypropylene (PP)
  •     Polyester
  •     polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  •     Rayon
  •     Acrylic and others.


Types of Non-woven fabric for medical uses:

Currently, there are different types of non-woven fabrics used in the production of medical products like surgical gowns, bandages, surgical masks, surgical kits, medical gauze, health products, Surgical towels, and surgical gowns. These fabrics are primarily used for producing functional products and for the manufacture of protective medical supplies. The types depend on their purpose of usage


Non-woven fabrics for functional products like tissues and organs:

The functional products that can be produced by non-woven fabrics can range from bandages, artificial skin, artificial organs, sutures, artificial blood vessels, and health products. In today’s life, these products are very much inevitable in the case of organ replacements and surgical corrections.


Non-woven fabrics for protective medical supplies:

The main purpose of these fabrics is to improve sanitation and minimize bacterial infections to prevent cross-contamination in healthcare centers. The major concerns to be addressed by any fabrics used for medical supplies are quality, comfort, and ability to protect from communicable diseases. As these non-woven fabrics are disposable after their usage, the spread of various diseases is reduced to a greater extent.


Market Trend analysis on disposable non-woven fabrics:

As per Medical Nonwoven Disposables Market Research, “The risk of developing an infection is nearly 2.5 times higher with woven products than nonwoven. Such factors help to drive the medical non-woven disposables market”.Also the recent outbreak of COVID -19 and existing fear of other transmittable diseases have created a huge demand for disposable non-woven fabrics.


Due to the above factors, there are several manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of non-woven disposable fabrics, especially in countries like the US, Italy, and Vietnam who offer premium quality fabrics with custom thickness, sizes, and textures.



With rising awareness of health and personal hygiene, many manufacturers of medical disposable fabrics are developing surgical gowns and masks with an improved finish, virus-proof material, and anti-bacterial properties. This increases their demand and thereby provides high benefits for Medical centers and Hospitals worldwide.


Manohar International is one of the biggest Exporters of Medical non-woven disposable fabrics across the globe. During the pandemic, the demand for disposable non-woven cloths for Medical & Hospital suppliers in Italy increased immensely and Manohar Internation was the biggest exporter to full fill the demand.