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Spa Salon Disposable Products Exporter

Explore a career at “Manohar International”

There are Jobs-and then there are careers. The opportunity to challenge yourself and learn new skills. The prospects of being surrounded by smart, ambitious, motivated people, day-in and day out. That's the kind of work you can expect to do at Manohar International, as here you will get a great opportunity to work with our excellent team.

The company is a manufacturing and export-oriented company, We are involved in Exporting, Supplying & Manufacturing Disposable Nonwoven-Plastic Spa & Salon, Medical Products in more than 20 countries. It is a name well established among the distinguished corporate entities of India, with a young and highly motivated task force of professionals who are a prized asset of the organization.

Job Title - International Marketing and Sales Executive / International Trade Executive / Export Executive.
Qualification Required –
  • A. Bachelor degree in business administration or business management specializes in marketing or international business
  • B. Good written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
  • C. Good presenter and documenting.
  • D. Basic computer and administering skills
  • E. Good organizing and multitasking skills
  • F. Good identifying and investigative skills
Qualities -

Dedication, Persuasive, Motivating, Patient and Resilient

Job Description –
  • A. Responsible to do market research to specific product/industry. In this job candidate have to gather and interpret leads/data and identify prospect through cold calling and cold emails
  • B. Responsible to build and maintain relationship with clients. In this role candidate have to do follow up with clients/prospects within weeks of intervals or every 2 months with personal note. Considering asking for feedback, responding quickly and addressing their concerns to build trust and maintain positive relationship.
  • C. Responsible to do documentation and maintain records like making Proforma invoice and sample invoices for clients and making purchase order for suppliers etc.
  • D. Responsible to do internal coordination with respective team like production team, account team, logistic team and management team related to client orders.
  • E. Responsible to proper reporting to their respective head or person in charge